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Bastian Zach and Matthias Bauer are successful novelists.
Their seventh book, the epic historical family-saga "The Realm of the Two Crosses", was released thru Heyne/Random House.

Tears of the Earth

Das Heilige Römische Reich Deutscher Nation, anno Domini 1606. Der Schatten des drohenden dreißigjährigen Krieges legt sich wie ein Leichentuch über das Reich. In der Reichsstadt Schwäbischwerd leben zwei angesehene Familien, die eng miteinander befreundet sind. Die katholischen Heidfeldts und die protestantischen Ackermanns scheinen alles zu teilen: Geschäft, Wohlstand und Liebe. Sie haben Macht und Einfluss, doch gleichzeitig werden sie bedroht von Neidern, die sie im aufkommenden Religionsstreit zu Fall bringen wollen. Niemand ahnt, dass sie mit einem niederträchtigen Verrat den Grundstein für ihr Vermögen gelegt haben. Während der Sturm des Krieges sich ankündigt, geraten die beiden Familien in einen Strudel aus Intrigen, Macht und Leidenschaft …

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Blood of the Picts

Greenland, 937 after Christ: The Picts have nearly been extinguished. Very few survivors have made their way to Greenland, where they try to live under the harshest conditions. When the community is attacked by a group of Northmen one day and an epidemic erupts among the Picts, a group of their men experienced in battle lead by the warrior Kineth head to the land of their forefathers. They follow an old prophecy that is considered to be the last hope for the Picts. But when they arrive in Britannia, the warriors run right into a starting war. And they have enemies that make no prisoners…

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Blood of the Picts – Firestorm

Der Krieger Kineth und seine Pikten sind von Grönland nach Schottland aufgebrochen, um ihr Volk zu retten. Um die Prophezeiung zu erfüllen, haben sie die alte Festung Burghead geschliffen. Als sie in den Krieg zwischen dem britannischen König Æthelstan und dem schottischen König Konstantin mit seinen Wikingerhorden hineingezogen werden, müssen sich die Mannen in Kampf und Hinterhalt, zwischen Intrigen und Täuschung bewähren.

Das Schicksal der letzten der Pikten entscheidet sich inmitten der größten Schlacht, die je auf britannischem Boden stattgefunden hat …

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Morbus Dei: The Arrival

The Alps, 300 years ago: lost in a snowstorm, the renegade Johann List ends up in a remote village which is ridden by fear and superstition. Soon Johann realizes that something is wrong with this village: animals are killed, people disappear, hooded figures are lurking through the woods. When Johann falls in love with the daughter of a farmer, he decides to leave the village with her. But before they could leave, the situation escalates and a fight to the death starts, merciless and bloody …

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Morbus Dei: Inferno

Tyrol, 1704. After they escaped from the remote village, Johann and Elisabeth want to leave the country to start a new life. With the help of the brave Jesuit Konstantin von Freising they are battling their way to the east, always on the watch for henchmen and rogues. When Johann and Elisabeth reach Vienna and the saving port to the Danube, a common future seems to be within their grasp. But enemies from Johann’s past appear and want to capture the two of them at any price. And suddenly a mysterious disease breaks out and spreads with deadly speed. Johann and Elisabeth realize with horror that it is the disease of THEM – it has left the dark mountains and falls on Vienna like a burial shroud. The old city of the emperors becomes a deadly trap, is seems there is no escape …

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Morbus Dei: The Sign of Aries

Austria, 1704: The young Elizabeth is in the hands of the French General Gamelin, who persecutes sinister plans with her – plans, that not only put her at risk, but also threaten the whole Habsburg Empire.
Only one man can ward off total desaster: Johann List, who loves Elizabeth and would rather die than abandon her.
A deadly chase begins, that leads through the barren valleys and secret abbeys of the Old Empire, right to the mighty fortress of Turin – and further on, into the dark heart of the Alps …

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Our films

In addition to their novels, Bastian Zach and Matthias Bauer write screenplays for national and international productions.
Their Viking movie "Northmen – A Viking Saga" was sold worldwide to more than 50 countries and was a Top 10 hit in the USA.

Northmen – A Viking Saga

As their longboat goes down in a dreadful storm, a band of Vikings strand behind enemy lines on the coast of Alba. Their only chance of survival is to find a path to the Viking settlement Danelag, traversing an unfamiliar and hostile land. The journey becomes a race for their lives when the King of Alba sends his most feared mercenaries after them. But when the Vikings meet a kind Christian Monk who preaches with his sword, the hunters become the hunted as the Vikings set deadly traps, mercilessly decimating their pursuers one by one, culminating in a final and deadly encounter …

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One Way Trip 3D

Eight teenagers decide to take a camping vacation to the Swiss hill country. It’s autumn and high season for a powerful, rare magic mushroom that grows there – the main motivation for their trip. They arrive at a secluded location deep in the woods, the mushrooms are collected, and once darkness falls, the party starts. Everyone is having fun until one of the friends heads to grab a beer… and comes back with a blood-covered, smashed-in face. They don’t know what happened but need to find help. As a heavy storm sets in they seek shelter in a nearby farmhouse. But this turns out to be the last place they want to be…

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3 Zimmer, Küche, Tod

Anna, a young nurse, is desperate: for 3 month now the building she is living in is being renovated – with no end in sight. Having night shifts, the constant noise during the day is shattering her nerves. Also her love affair with a married doctor is crumbling due to her advancing lability – her life is on the edge. So Anna is desperately looking for a new, affordable apartment, which proves to be nearly impossible in this small but densely populated town.

One day she goes with little hope to yet another apartment-inspection. Surprise: it’s large, quiet, affordable – nearly perfect! The catch: there are 4 competitors… Anna is making a plan: the competitors have to be hindered to go to the next all-important apartment-inspection, by all means necessary…

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…An eerie hall, endless corridors. A man, trapped between memories and surreal occurrences. Soon, Gabriel Winther will face the terrible truth…

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Like every day a young man is jogging through remote country lanes and dense woods. Suddenly the man hears creepy voices – the nightmare has begun…

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