Morbus Dei: The Arrival

The Alps, 300 years ago: lost in a snowstorm, the renegade Johann List ends up in a remote village which is ridden by fear and superstition. Soon Johann realizes that something is wrong with this village: animals are killed, people disappear, hooded figures are lurking through the woods. When Johann falls in love with the daughter of a farmer, he decides to leave the village with her. But before they could leave, the situation escalates and a fight to the death starts, merciless and bloody …


“Morbus Dei: The Arriva” is the debut novel from Zach / Bauer. The gripping historical Mystery-Thriller was published in 2010 by Haymon und was an instant success among readers and critics.

The book has been translated into Englisch, Spanish and Russian language.

Novel, 289 pages
ISBN 978-3-85218-846-1

Ö1 live broadcast, 17. December 2010. Part 1/2.


Ö1 live broadcast, 17. December 2010. Part 2/2.