Morbus Dei: The Sign of Aries

Austria, 1704: The young Elizabeth is in the hands of the French General Gamelin, who persecutes sinister plans with her – plans, that not only put her at risk, but also threaten the whole Habsburg Empire.
Only one man can ward off total desaster: Johann List, who loves Elizabeth and would rather die than abandon her.
A deadly chase begins, that leads through the barren valleys and secret abbeys of the Old Empire, right to the mighty fortress of Turin – and further on, into the dark heart of the Alps …


After “The Arrival” and “Inferno”, “Im Zeichen des Aries” is the outstanding finale of the “Morbus Dei”-Saga.

The book has been translated into Englisch, Spanish and Russian language.

Novel, 400 pages
ISBN 978-3-85218-951-2