3 Zimmer, Küche, Tod

Anna, a young nurse, is desperate: for 3 month now the building she is living in is being renovated – with no end in sight. Having night shifts, the constant noise during the day is shattering her nerves. Also her love affair with a married doctor is crumbling due to her advancing lability – her life is on the edge. So Anna is desperately looking for a new, affordable apartment, which proves to be nearly impossible in this small but densely populated town.

One day she goes with little hope to yet another apartment-inspection. Surprise: it’s large, quiet, affordable – nearly perfect! The catch: there are 4 competitors… Anna is making a plan: the competitors have to be hindered to go to the next all-important apartment-inspection, by all means necessary…


The black comedy “3 Zimmer.Küche.Tod.”, Zach/Bauers first feature film, was made in 16 days with a budget EUR 25,000.-.
“3 Zimmer.Küche.Tod.” was released in selected Austrian cinemas and on DVD with extensive bonus material in 2007.

Written, directed and produced by Zach / Bauer
Austria 2006

90 minutes