Morbus Dei: Inferno

Tyrol, 1704. After they escaped from the remote village, Johann and Elisabeth want to leave the country to start a new life. With the help of the brave Jesuit Konstantin von Freising they are battling their way to the east, always on the watch for henchmen and rogues. When Johann and Elisabeth reach Vienna and the saving port to the Danube, a common future seems to be within their grasp. But enemies from Johann’s past appear and want to capture the two of them at any price. And suddenly a mysterious disease breaks out and spreads with deadly speed. Johann and Elisabeth realize with horror that it is the disease of THEM – it has left the dark mountains and falls on Vienna like a burial shroud. The old city of the emperors becomes a deadly trap, is seems there is no escape …


The “Morbus Dei”-Saga continues – with “Inferno” Zach / Bauer are taking the readers again into a breathtaking historic thriller.

The book has been translated into Englisch, Spanish and Russian language.

Novel, 368 pages
ISBN 978-3-85218-879-9


Reading Part 1 (German).


Reading Part 2 (German).

Eine absolut fesselnde, hochspannende Fortsetzung, welche nicht nur ein hervorragend recherchierter historischer Roman ist, sondern durchaus auch mystische Aspekte aufweist, mit ordentlich Thriller-Potential versehen ist und mit wunderbar herausgearbeiteten Charakteren besetzt ist.

Belle's Leseinsel

Eine wirklich gelungene Fortsetzung! Ein rasant konstruierter Plot, nette Charaktere und eine dicht gewobene Atmosphäre bieten hier Lesegenuss auf hohem Niveau.